Create PDF Documents from Multiple TIF Images

Need to create a PDF document from one or more TIF images? Need to resize and watermark your images before embedding them in a PDF file?

BatchPhoto™ is a Windows® software program that can easily compile a PDF document from a set of TIF images (or any other image type). The program is designed as a three-step wizard and is packed with powerful features.

With BatchPhoto you can read/write more than 130 popular image formats, including: JPG/JPEG, PDF, TIF/TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP/Bitmap, EPS, TGA, PSD and RAW image formats.

Besides creating PDF albums from images, BatchPhoto has many additiona features, including: Resize, Watermark, Annotate (date/time and comments), Touch-Up, apply special effects (Sepia, Black&White), and much more!

But you can try the fully-featured version of BatchPhoto for free and see for yourself if it's what you need, just click on the "Try it Free" button below!


  • Create PDF albums from multiple images (including TIF/TIFF, JPG)
  • Convert images in batch mode (more than 130 image formats supported, including RAW formats).
  • Apply Watermarks, Annotate and Add Date/Time stamps
  • Resize, Rotate and Crop images
  • Rename images with meaningful names
  • Apply profiles on multiple pictures with the right mouse click directly from Windows® Explorer
  • Use projects and profiles to improve productivity